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Week 2 #FDRun2020

6th - 12th January 2020

Runs: 4

KMs completed this week: 24.4

Total KMs in 2020: 53.9

7th January - Evening Run with Eoin 6km

9th January - Rubbish 3.4km

11th January - California Country Park parkrun 5km

12th January - Bushy Park New Year 10k

This week was a mixed bag, the runs at the start of the week weren't great, but they were more than made up for at the weekend, with California Country Park parkrun (really good course) and Bushy Park 10k, which was fantastic, think I got a 10k PB too, which was really encouraging, seeing as I feel slower than ever at the moment. I am trying to protect myself from injury and increase my mileage slowly, but I should be up to 25 miles minimum per week as soon as possible if i'm going to complete the marathon, and indeed this challenge!

Things are gathering pace elsewhere at First Days, we are preparing to launch some big projects as the year progresses - despite someone in the team calling me a 'thunderstorm powering towards them' ... I think they meant it in a positive way (?!)!

Loads and loads of you have been signing up for our virtual race - it's 20km (or 2km if you're a child) run at your pace and in your own time ... it costs £20.20 and the medals are amazing, they're due to arrive with me next week so I'll share them with you then. Please sign up today!

I mentioned on Facebook that I'm going to be doing some more writing - so watch this space for my hot takes on charity, poverty, society and running!

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