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“The Elevate Centre is a space for people to take a breath, find support, strength and understanding. 


It is a place full of enthusiasm and hope that, whatever the situation, everyone can have choices, dignity and power in their own lives. 


At the Elevate Centre we know that, because life can often be expensive and can sometimes be difficult, everyone needs a helping hand from time to time, whatever that looks like.”

We are working with our local charity partners (more info soon!), community groups and individuals to bring the Elevate Centre to reality. We have a building - now we need to get the place ready and open for our community. Can you help? 

See our latest news below to see how you can help! 

We have the keys! 

We finally received the keys to the building - we have been dreaming of the Elevate Centre for years and cannot believe that it is now becoming a reality!

We really need your help to get this amazing community project off the ground. We believe that together we can support so many people in our community. 

Latest News for Elevate! 

We need your help! We need loads of help to get this off the ground: 

- Tradesmen: plumbers, builders, carpenters, electricians (and probably loads more) 

- DIY Enthusiasts - there's walls to paint, furniture to assemble, shelves to put up and much more!

- A new kitchen! Commercial standard would be ideal ...  

- People who want to help running the centre, day to day volunteers 

- Unpackers of school uniform 

- People to sort donations and get them ready for display

- Toy library volunteers 

- People with ideas and, or, enthusiasm who want to be part of a really special and exciting community project

Contact us - elevate@firstdays.net

Donate to the Elevate Centre

If you can't support practically, we do really need financial help to make this important community centre a reality. 

We need to cover the costs of the utilities for the building as well as insurance and any costs associated it with making it safe for our community. We rely really heavily on volunteers, but we will need someone to run the centre day to day, to ensure that our offer is consistent and we can host as many charities, organisations, groups and services as possible. 

We're confident we will get a grant to do this in the longer term - however, in the short term, we need your help. If you, your business or you organisation can support us with the start up costs we would be hugely appreciative. 

Either email elevate@firstdays.net to talk to Emma about the project or donate using the button below.