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We welcome donations of good quality clothes, equipment and toys for children aged between 0-8 years old.

Please remember we are a charity and our resources are limited, please do not donate items that you would not be happy for your children to use or wear.  In more recent times we have been given unusable items, which we have to pay to dispose of. If they have been in storage for some time, please check they are still usable, clean and in good condition. 


Please do not be offended if there is something we can’t take following health & safety suitability & stock procedure.


MONTHLY DONATIONS LIST:  Due to our limited storage space at our warehouse in Hurst, we will be trialling a Monthly Donations List. This list will feature items currently needed, please check the items you wish to donate is on this list before arranging to drop off your donations. 




GENERAL DONATIONS LIST: A list of all the items we CAN accept. If an item isn't on this list we cannot take it. 

Please ring our office to arrange drop-off of larger donations items on 01189 219 338.

All donations must be dropped off at our warehouse in Hurst. Donations can be dropped off on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10am - 2pm.

Address: 2 Broadwater Lane, Hurst, RG10 0EA.





*   We collect good quality baby and child clothes, toys and equipment. We reserve the right to refuse to accept any items which are broken, incomplete, stained or damaged. We will only accept goods that we would be happy to receive ourselves. 


*   We do not accept: car seats, mattresses or large electrical items for health and safety reasons.


*  We will check all electrical items before passing them on, so if you know an item does not work properly please do not donate it. 


*  We reserve the right to sell your donations in order to buy items required for families. Sometimes we have a superfluity of certain items and a scarcity of others; in order to meet the needs of the community we may need to buy and sell items.  Please be assured that no profit is made through the sale of your goods and all proceeds go directly to helping local families, much like when you donate and buy from charity shops. If you would like to opt out of items being used in this way please state this when you donate.