Thank you for thinking of us! 

We are so grateful to live in such a kind and generous community of people who are keen to pass on their second hand items to help local families in need. 

As a small charity we are not resourced to offer a collection service, but when you arrive at First Days HQ for your booked appointment we will happily help you unload from your car. 

Occasionally we will be unable to re-home the items you donate. If this is the case, we reserve the right to sell such items and use the funds to help families in need. 


Please check our wishlist for items we currently need.


We cannot take anything at all that is not on our wishlist. 



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All donations need to be booked in with a time slot.

Our current donation days are Friday and Saturday 10-12. 

Book a ticket to drop off your item (if needed) and come along to our HQ to drop your stuff off at your allotted time. 

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If you have a cot, pram, pushchair or highchair please ensure it passes our safety checklist.


Please include and secure the instructions manual for larger items. 

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Additionally, if you have a larger item to donate you need to book a ticket in Eventbrite, in order to help us manage the flow of donations. 

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Donations can be dropped off at our HQ at your pre-booked time only. 


FD HQ: Unit 9, The Business Centre, Molly Millars Lane, Wokingham, RG41 2QZ   

  • We can't accept any items NOT on our wishlist

  • There are some items we always need brand new, please see our amazon wishlist to gift us these.

  • When you arrive we will ask you to show us how your highchair/pushchair works - please allow time for this. 

Additional Information about donating items: 

Baby clothes:

  • We accept new born and baby clothes, including pram suits and coats, up to 3 months for our First Days Starter Sets

  • We ask that all clothes are freshly laundered, sorted and bagged by size and, if appropriate, gender.

  • We cannot wash any clothes on site, so clothes that are unclean are unfortunately passed on to other charities. 

  • We are so proud of the high quality of our First Days Starter Sets, it makes a huge difference to the family receiving them to feel loved and cared for by us, and in turn by you. If you are not sure whether your clothing is suitable, please consider whether you would give it to your best friend for their baby. If the answer is yes, then we would love it. 


  • We collect coats for children aged 0-18. They need to be freshly laundered, with working zips and buttons and no tears or holes. 


  • Please ensure that the cot is no more than 10 years old, if it is then it's unlikely to conform to safety standards. 

  • Check that the rails and base slats are all present and not splintered or otherwise damaged. 

  • Any metal rails or bars should not be bent or damaged. 

  • Please supply dismantled. Assembly instructions MUST be provided with the cot and all screws/fittings placed in a sealed bag and securely attached to the cot frame. 

  • If you do not have the instructions then please search for them online


  • Please ensure that the highchair is no more than 10 years old, if it is then it's unlikely to conform to safety standards. 

  • We can only rehome highchairs if they have a tray, safety harness, are sturdy and secure, with brakes if on casters and are clean and have the instructions attached. 

  • If you do not have the instructions then please search for them online. 


  • Please ensure that the item is no more than 10 years old, if it is then it's unlikely to conform to safety standards. 

  • Please clean the item thoroughly before donating to us. We do not have the manpower to clean every donated item, therefore outsource this when required, which costs us money that we can't spare. If you cannot clean your buggy we would ask you to consider donating us the funds the get it cleaned. 

  • Please ensure: there are no sharp edges or points, the folding chassis must have a primary and secondary locking device which both engage and work properly. The safety harness is in good condition with no frayed edges. The wheels are secure, and there is no evidence of heavy wear on the edges of the wheels. The parking brake is fully functional. The permanent label stated 'carelessness causes fire' should be present and indicating compliance with the flammability requirements.

  • Instructions are included, if you do not have instructions please search for them online and print them. 

Safety Gates

  • Please include all adjuster screws, bolts, suction cups for mounting on the wall, extension bolts and any other small parts in a clear plastic bag firmly secured to the gate. 

  • Please include the instructions, if you do not have the instructions, please search for them online. 


  • We rehome toys, books, games, puzzles and books for children up to 16 years old

  • All new toys are required to bear a CE mark. 

  • All toys, new or second had, must meet strict safety requirements. 

  • Toys must not: be made of flammable materials, have sharp edges or points, have easily detached features (like eyes etc), contain toxic substances or be painted with toxic paints. 

  • Operate at more than 24 volts.  

Donation points in the community

WINTER UPDATE: Our orange donation bins are going in to hibernation for the winter, but will be back out in the new year.

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