Saturday 26 November

Arrival from 5pm - last start time 8pm

Dinton Activity Centre, Sandford Lane, Wokingham, RG10 0SU

See Dinton glow on a Glow Walk.
Walk around Black Swan Lake under starlight and take in the illuminated woodland and various light features.

Hot chocolate, hot dogs, mulled wine and glow sticks available to buy.

Accessorise yourselves with as many light up accessories as you can cover yourself in… the brighter the better!

Ticket information

Based on the current cost of living, we fully appreciate just how challenging it is to make finances balance at the moment. With this in mind, and wanting to make the event accessible to as many people as possible, we have a tiered pricing option. We would ask you to consider the level that feels appropriate to your circumstances. There will be no judgement, disclosure or difference in the event experience based on which tier you opt for:

Tier 4 - if you are financially secure; you can comfortably afford modest luxuries like holidays; you don't really have to think about money at all month-to-month.

Tier 3 - If you have a reliable source of income that more-than covers your day to day financial needs; you don't really have to think about the costs of nights out etc.

Tier 2 - If the above do not really apply or you're just more comfortable contributing at this level (for any reason)

Tier 1 - For those without a reliable source of income, or who struggle to cover their basic monthly expenses. Please note that we can only offer a limited number of these tickets - they are limited to 1 per customer and they are on a first-come-first served basis.

Tiers are on a self-assessment basis - it's entirely up to you which you pick. Please don't worry about buying a higher tiered ticket if you'd prefer not to; only contribute at a level you are comfortable with.

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Event kindly supported by:

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