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School Holiday Food Vouchers

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If your children receive means tested Free School Meals you need to register with First Days to receive an Edenred supermarket voucher before each school holiday starts. If you live in Wokingham Borough, even if your child doesn't go to school here, you will receive this support.. 

Having asked your opinion on the best way to support you with affording food in the holidays, we will be giving Edenred food vouchers, which you can redeem online. You told us that this is the best way to support you. 

Remember, if you live in Wokingham and you need extra support with the cost of food, you can ask us to refer you to Wokingham Foodbank (just email and one of the Family Support Team will be in touch), you can go to SHARE (check out their FB page for opening times) or you can go to Woodley Lunch Bunch or The Grub Club. 

The School Holiday Vouchers form part of the Household Support Fund, which is funding that is given to Wokingham Borough Council from the government. The council have decided to continue to providing the Free School Meal Vouchers that the government used to give out. There is an additional fund, given out by Citizens Advice, for people who don't qualify for School Holiday Food Vouchers. You cannot apply for both funds. 

What you need to do: 

  1. Fill out the form below to register for Holiday Food Vouchers

  2. We will check your details against the central database to ensure you qualify, if we have any questions we will be in touch with you. 

  3. Please ensure that you enter your email address as this is how you will receive the vouchers. 

Once you have registered, you will get an email approving your enrolment into the scheme. You will then receive vouchers at the start of each holiday: October Half Term, Christmas, February Half Term and Easter.  

DON'T WORRY if you haven't applied yet and you missed your payment for October Half Term - we will give you this voucher in time for Christmas, along with anything you are eligible for at Christmas. 

By filling out this form and the subsequent application form you are agreeing for the information you provide to be shared with Wokingham United Charities and Wokingham Borough Council for the exclusive use of processing your application for the fund. For more information see our privacy policy. 


  1. You only need to submit ONE application, this will cover you for vouchers up until the end of Easter Holidays 2023. So, if you have already applied since October 2022 you do not need to apply again for February half term and Easter Holidays 2023. 

  2. You will receive EdenRed vouchers via email, for every eligible child you have, these will be sent to you in the week before each holiday period starts.

  3. The free school meal  vouchers are part of the Household Support Fund - therefore, if you receive these you CANNOT apply to Citizens Advice for the Household Support Fund. 

If your child is eligible for means tested free school meals you will be better off receiving vouchers from First Days for Holiday Support. 

The table shows how much you will receive and when: 

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