Household Support Fund


If you are a resident of Wokingham Borough and you have been sent here to apply for the Household Support Fund (which is available in the place of the Free School Meal vouchers that you may have received in the past), or because you are struggling financially with the high cost of living, please fill in the application form below. 

If we have any questions we will be in touch via phone, and you will receive vouchers (from Wokingham United Charities) via email, so please make sure you have filled out both contact details. 

The Household Support Fund is a one-off grant, available to Wokingham Borough Residents, between now (June) and September to help you with the high cost of living, specifically around the cost of fuel and food. 

The Household Support Fund is from the Department for Work and Pensions and is managed by Wokingham Borough Council. Vouchers will be issued by Wokingham United Charities once we have processed your application.


If you do not have children under 18, please apply via Citizens Advice Wokingham.  

By filling out this form and the subsequent application form you are agreeing for the information you provide to be shared with Wokingham United Charities and Wokingham Borough Council for the exclusive use of processing your application for the fund. For more information see our privacy policy.