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We're guessing you're here because things have become difficult financially and you need some extra help. We completely understand. So many of us who work and volunteer at First Days understand how it feels to not be able to make ends meet financially and what it feels like to be overwhelmed. You are not alone. 

We can offer you help in a number of ways. There are lots of ways we can support you practically with those expensive essential items that your family needs like School Uniforms, laptops for learning and anything else for school, beds and bedding, baby clothes and equipment and much more. 

We can also help you find other support you might need. When you get in touch with First Days, using the form below, one of our Family Support Team will talk to you to find out how we can help and can expertly advise you on what other support is on offer in our community. 

We want you to feel confident that calling us is a great step to reducing that overwhelm, or getting help with things that feel too expensive to face. 

Take a look at our 'current projects' page to see what we are currently working on. 

We would rather not be here - it's not fair that you can't afford everything you need for your children, and we will be campaigning for fair wages, proper state benefits and a society that is fair until we are no longer needed. 

Whilst we are needed, we will do all we can to help you - just fill in the form below. 


Emma - First Days Chief Exec

Essential Items
Help with things that are too expensive 


  • School Uniforms

  • Laptops for learning 

  • School shoes and trainers 

  • PE Kits and sports stuff

  • Bags, bottles, stationery and more 

  • Holiday Food Vouchers

EVERYTHING for a new baby

  • Baby clothes

  • Cribs, cots, bedding and blankets

  • Toiletries and nappies 

  • Bouncy chairs, play gyms

  • Feeding equipment and much more! 

  • Prams and pushchairs 


  • ​Energy saving items

  • Blankets and other items to keep you warm 

  • Winter Coats

  • Toiletries

  • Stair Gates

  • Highchairs

  • Bed guards

  • Play pens & much more 

  • Beds and bedding (including single beds) 


  • Our Toy Library in Woodley is free to use for First Days Families

  • Christmas presents

  • Birthday presents

  • Toys and books for your children as they grow

Access to other services, peer support and one to one coaching 

We know that providing essential items is important and a lifeline to you at this time. However, we also know that sometimes everyone needs some extra support for their situations and lives to improve.


Our Family Support Team and our Family Coaches provide expert advice and support to help you navigate your way out of financially difficulty and help you to find the specialist support that you need. 

Fill out the form below to see what we can do to help. 

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