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We love the idea that you want your stuff to be reused by someone else when you're finished with it. Sadly, we can't take everything you have to give. We'd actually love to be able to - but our limited space and small team means we have to focus on the things we do, and do them well. 

But! All is not lost! There are loads of other organisations that will accept your donations: 

The Baby Bank - Windsor and Maidenhead take donations of clothes and items for under 5's 

Smartworks in Reading take donations of clothing suitable for job interviews 

Wokingham Foodbank take donations of sealed, in-date baby formula and food

Reading Bike Kitchen take second hand bikes


Other ideas:

  • There are a large number of Facebook groups dedicated to buying, selling and giving away pre-loved items – and accessing a local one means you’re more likely to get a prompt collection.

  • Freecycle remains a popular way to trade items you no longer need.

  • The Olio app which now allows you to pass on non-food items as well as surplus food.

Donation Boxes
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