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We receive referral requests for around 100 children every month, 35% of whom live in a family with at least one member in work. These stories give an idea about the circumstances of the families we help: 


(*names have been changed)

Nicky's Story

Nicky* was married with two children, a baby and a 4 year old. Out of the blue her husband developed depression and was unable to work. They very suddenly found themselves unable to provide the items that two growing children needed. First Days was able to provide them with clothes and toys for the children and will continue to do so until the family are back on their feet.

Abby's Story

Abby* was married with four children, all under 10 years of age. Her husband had been working as a contractor and they had a nice home, but when Abby became seriously ill he had to give up work to care for her and the children. They had to move into a cheaper home and had none of the furniture they needed for their children - three children were sharing one mattress. First Days was able to provide the family with new beds for each of the children, along with mattresses, bedding, clothing and toys.

Rick's Story

Rick* and his wife both worked and provided for their two children. In a stroke of bad luck, they were both made redundant at the same time with limited redundancy pay. First Days was able to help provide the basics for their children to help tide them over for a few months, by which stage they had found new jobs and were back on their feet again.

Anya's Story

Anya* was a university student who found herself unexpectedly pregnant. She had no family support, but still wanted to continue with her studies. First Days was able to provide Anya with the items she needed to look after her baby herself to give her the best chance of achieving her dream.

Sam's Story

Sam* had moved to Berkshire from outside the area with her children to escape from domestic violence. Four months after arriving in the area a place was finally found for her teenager at a local secondary school. First Days was able to provide the correct uniform for the child to begin school at the start of term with their peers and start the process of rebuilding a friendship group.

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