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School Uniform

When a child is confident at school they are likely to have better mental health, be happier and get more from their education. We know that not having the right clothing and equipment can seriously impact a child's confidence.

We also know that School Uniform is really expensive. We don't think this should stop children and young people having everything they need to make the most out of the school day. Whether that's uniform, sports equipment, laptops or shoes. 

In the last year we have helped over 1,000 children with school uniform. Saving families over £350,000. 


We provide all school uniform, including school specific items to children in Wokingham, Reading and Bracknell, within the following criteria:

- All children supported by Wokingham Borough Council Children’s Services

- A managed move for educational/welfare reasons

- Domestic abuse survivors who are relocating

- Refugees, asylum seekers, victims of human trafficking who are relocating 

- Travelling community starting formal education

- Looked after children

Additionally: ALL children, whose parents are surviving on a low-income or who are experiencing financial hardship who go to or are moving to these schools:

(There may be other circumstances in which someone would qualify for support. Our Family Support Team will be able to give more information) 

Bulmershe, Woodley

St Crispins, Wokingham

Bohunt, Aborfield

Waingels College, Woodley

Southlake, Woodley

Beechwood, Woodley

All Saints, Wokingham

Keephatch, Wokingham 

Gorse Ride, Finchampstead

Willowbank, Woodley

Woodley CofE

St. Dominics, Woodley

Rivermead, Woodley

Highwood, Woodley

Need support with uniform?

Click here to read about First Days's campaign to make school uniforms more affordable for everyone.

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