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The 2021 Education Bill and School Uniform - what it means for the families we support

Every step towards affordable school uniform is a step in the right direction, however, the requirements for set out in the Education Bill (April 2021) do not go far enough for the families we support. A lot of work still needs to be done to make the requirements a reality and the wording of this bill leaves a lot of room for schools avoid the changes that are really needed to make uniforms truly affordable. The truth is, even with these recommendations school uniform is still a cost that many household budgets cannot stretch to.

At First Days we believe school uniform should reflect the needs of the child as well as balancing the tradition of the school. Children need to feel equal to their peers, well equipped and comfortable in order to get the best from their education (Tess Ridge’s research explains more - check out The Working Class by Ian Gilbert).

Schools need a uniform that encourages a good learning environment, and parents need to not be expected to spend, as is true for those with the lowest income, over three weeks full income on school uniform alone.