We turn every £1 you donate into £4 savings in families' budgets

For every £1 you donate we make £4 worth of savings in a family budget. So when you give a tenner we can help a family with £40 worth of stuff - meaning they can spend more of their money on food and less on overpriced uniforms, nappies and pushchairs.

In the last 12 months we have supported 5,000 children. We can only continue to do this work with your help. We don't receive any government or statutory funding - everything we do is funded by money we raise ourselves. As always, thank you so much for helping - from one family to another. 

Any donation, however large or small, is greatly appreciated. It helps us help the families we support and really does make a difference huge difference.  Your donation can be the difference to a family having a safe space to sleep with their child, or nappies for a week.

Donate Online through LocalGiving. You can make a one off donation or choose to make a regular monthly donation by clicking on the link below.


In Wokingham, 1 in 10 children live in poverty, in Reading it’s 1 in 4. Every penny you donate to First Days Children’s Charity will help a family in need.


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