Who do you help and how do you decide who gets help?

First Days works with professionals in the health, childcare and social care fields, as well as organisations such as churches, schools, universities and housing associations. If these professionals identify a family with young children that is struggling to provide the basics, they can put a referral in to First Days for the items that they need. This could be something as simple as a stairgate or a pair of school shoes and a winter coat, or a bundle of everything needed for a new baby. Because we don’t means test - we work on the basis that the professional knows the family and their needs - we are able to provide support quickly. Most referrals are turned around within 7-10 days and we can accommodate emergency referrals, such as a newborn baby or a child at risk of going into care, the same or the next day. Families can find themselves needing our help for a variety of reasons, including physical or mental health problems, employment issues, family breakdown or domestic violence, or simply the increased cost of living. Around a third of the families that we help have at least one member of the family in employment.

How do I get help?

Speak to any Childcare/Family Support Professional that is within your network, ask them to get in touch to make a referral on our website for you.

How do I make a referral for a family?

Visit the our website www.firstdays.net and click on 'Referrals' Please fill in the form and we will be in touch when the referrals is ready for collection or if there are any problems with the referral. All information is kept confidentially. If you have trouble with this form please email info@firstdays.net and we can send you a manual version to complete. Please also look at our ‘Referral Policy’ guideline here too.

Do you provide school uniforms?

Yes, under our School Days project we have school uniforms for both primary and secondary schools.

Do you offer a delivery service?

Due to resources we are only able to prepare referrals for collection by the person who has referred.


What do you take? What do you need at the moment?

Please take a look on our donations page on our website www.firstdays.net, which contain informations on items we can take. Here you will also find our monthly donations list with items we are currently in need of.

When are you open for donations?

Mon - Wed 9.30am - 2pm

Where can I drop off donations?

2 Broadwater Lane, Hurst, RG10 0EA.

I can’t get to you, do you offer a collection service or have a donation site anywhere near me?

No. We rely on all donations to be brought to our warehouse in Hurst.

Do I need to call ahead to let you know I am coming to donate items?

Yes, but only for large items ( ie cots....). Our storage space is very limited so we ask that you ring ahead if you want to doante large items to make sure we have space for them.

My item is broken or damaged but still usable, would you take it?


Where can I take items you are not taking at the moment?

Your local charity shop, freecycleor Facebook 'buy nothing' sites. There are two other ‘baby bank’ charities close by, one is Windsor Baby Bank and the other is Stripey Stork in Surrey.

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