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What's your super power?

In the last couple of months it feels as though the country has awoken to reveal their super power: we can give.

Now, I know charity in the UK isn't a new thing - but making giving to others part of our lifestyle? Celebrating the fact that we can give to others to make a difference in our communities? I think this is.

For us, the challenge was simple: with four million children living in poverty, in every single town and city up and down the country, we had to do something. We weren’t the only people, at about the same time, who were quietly setting up similar charities in the wake of the earlier years of austerity and the slow realisation that things were only going to get worse for families who were already living in truly dire situations. Since then we, along with others, have helped thousands of families when their budgets just couldn’t stretch to safe beds for their childre