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5.3 Virtual Challenge

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Over 5,300 children are living in poverty in Wokingham.
We need your help to change this...

Do something active based on the number 5.3, 53, 530 or 5,300 or even 5,300 anytime in February....

Run, walk, cycle, skip, hop, hula and get sponsored enroute!

to enter - with all proceeds direct to First Days Children's Charity.


of spot prizes for the most inventive activities and fundraising efforts.


Raise over £53 and choose either a bespoke wooden medal, have a tree planted with location/certificate emailed to you or ask First Days to purchase a packet of nappies on your behalf.



  • Walk 53,000 steps over a weekend as an individual, couple, family or group? 1,200 - 1,500 steps is roughly 1km. Therefore 53,000 steps is approximately 35km/22miles.

  • ​​Run 5.3km/miles

  • 5.3 or 53 laps of a 400m running track 

  • 53 keepie-uppies

  • 53 challenges for 53 seconds each - i.e. press ups, squats, skips, high knees


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