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Fun is free, right? Not quite. In 2019, MoneySupermarket  said that the summer holiday leaves more than half of parents worried about their finances - which is not surprising as they estimated that, for the average family, the summer holiday costs a whopping additional £1,429 - before they’ve even thought about a break away from home. 

The cost of additional food (any parent will tell you that a child’s need for snacks seems to grow exponentially in the holidays!) and finding things to do with the children all adds up. Obviously, we can’t cover that huge cost for hundreds of families but we want to show the families we support some love by giving them a First Days Summer Fun Pack to inject some enjoyment into their holidays. 

Having Fun is so important to us at First Days that it is at the centre of a lot of our work. We believe that no child should be prevented from having fun by an additional cost to their family. We have big plans in the next few years to help families access days out, birthday parties and trips. Whilst we develop those we include toys and books for all the children we support all year round, as well as providing birthday presents and christmas gifts to thousands of children each year. 


This Summer we are excited to build on the success of last years’ Fun Packs with an exciting new pack for hundreds of children. We really need your help to give a little bit of fun to many families, each pack contains arts and crafts activities, small outdoor toys for fun in the park as well as some ice pops and sunscreen to keep little ones safe outside. 


How can I help?


If you would like to make a financial donation to First Days to help us purchase items for this campaign then please donate to, this way we can purchase some of the new items in bulk to get the best possible value; or you can purchase items from our Amazon wishlist


In order to prepare and deliver these packs to families before the start of the summer holidays we would really appreciate your donations by Monday 7th June.


Who is eligible to receive a First Days Summer Fun Pack?


Requests for summer fun packs can be made by professionals working with children. 

How do I request Summer Fun Packs?


In order for us to prepare and deliver all packs before the start of the summer holidays,  the final date for requesting summer packs was Friday 18th June.

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