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We are pleased to have re-opened for General Referrals for Wokingham & Bracknell Boroughs and our few out of area referrers - including our monthly Slough Pop Up project


If you are from Reading as per our recent email to you we will be opening soon for you too; in the meantime if we could ask you to kindly still follow our Emergency only support, and we will update you all asap as to when our new improved referral form will be available. Thank you so very much for your patience.

If you are a childcare professional and would like to make a general referral. 


Please use the secure form below. We will be in contact to arrange the specifics, but please give brief details of the family's situation and what they need.


Items will need to be collected from our offices in Hurst.


Ideally you will need to submit one form PER child. If referring more than one child from the same family, please use the 'notes' section to clearly identify each child's age, gender and specific items relating to them. Please see below for guidelines on how to make the referral process more efficient for both us and for you.


If you experience an problems submitting this form, please email info@firstdays.net for assistance.


Please click HERE for a copy of the referral policy.

Referrals Housekeeping Wish List  


Please read our ‘housekeeping’ wishes below. This will enable us to help you as quickly and efficiently as we can.


  • Do the family have room for the items you have requested, the capability to put up cot beds, measured the doorways for a safety gate, nappy & clothing sizes are correct/provided etc will they be useful. 

  • We appreciate family circumstances can change please let us know if your referral /items in it are no longer needed and we can re-allocate to another family waiting. 

  • Using the tick boxes of items for your referral please be careful to select the items necessary for the family and not tick lots of boxes (ie several months of clothing etc). Are the items you are asking for something we provide and listed on our referral form  (ie no white goods, furniture storage etc.)

  • Please arrange a prompt collection of your referral, to help save our time following up non collections, putting items back to stock, and ensuring essential room for new referrals as they come in. (referrals will be kept for a maximum of 2 weeks before it will be reallocated/put back into stock, to help with space and resources.)

  • Is your  transport big enough for the items you have requested (ie multiple items or larger like cot bed etc,)

  • Do any colleagues also need items collecting to save a trip over. If a colleague is collecting on your behalf for the above reasons just drop us a line and we'll add it to your notes.

Notes for Slough Pop Up’s

  • Pop our visit days in your diary as we are unable to leave items behind or deliver to a different location with the time we have available on these days, and time spent taking it all back and room in the van could be spent processing more referrals.