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February 22, 2018

September 19, 2016

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March 30, 2016



Safety is so important to us at First Days - we ensure that everything we pass on to families is in good condition, in working order and with no damage.

We do not accept donated mattresses for this reason. Research around Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), sometimes known as 'cot death', and the use of second hand mattresses shows that in some circumstances there is an increase in instances of SIDS when a baby is sleeping on a used mattress.

Whilst there are many reasons, both explained and unexplained, for SIDS we cannot ignore research that indicates that second hand mattresses could be a contributing factor. 

This article in the British Medical Journal from 2002 states that "Routine use of an infant mattress previously used by another child was significantly associated with an increased risk of sudden infant death syndrome" . The Lullaby Trust, who work to promote safe sleeping - as well as supporting bereaved families, recommend that babies sleep on a "firm, flat, waterproof mattress in good condition". They have a fantastic Safe Sleeping Guide too.

Because of this we have decided that we cannot take used mattresses as we cannot guarantee their condition and we have a responsibility to pass on the safest, highest quality, lowest risk mattresses to families. 

We would love your help to provide safe mattresses to families in need. If you would like to help then please follow the links below for ways to donate to us. 

A £5 donation would enable us to provide a mattress protector for a new mattress 
A £10 donation would enable us to provide a new moses basket mattress
A £25 donation would enable us to provide a new cot mattress
A £45 donation would enable us to provide a new cot mattress, bedding and mattress protector 

You can donate via our sponsor a mattress page on the First Days website.