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We know that families will be struggling with the idea of children returning to school - or starting at brand new schools - and the added cost of school uniforms. Our school uniform project will be visiting as many areas as possible so you can come and get the uniform you need, speak to us about any specific needs you have and see how we can help. This also gives you the chance to to pass on some of your excellent quality uniform to others who may need it - Watch this space for more information!

Why do families need help with the cost of school uniforms? 

School Uniforms are disproportionately expensive for people with low incomes. The cost of school uniform is often fixed - some items of uniform can only be bought from one supplier - and schools are strict about what is expected. 
This means that for some families, they need to spend THREE WEEKS worth of their total income on school uniforms - income which is needed for food, bills, travel, clothes and any other essentials they might need. This is unaffordable. 
Research from the Child Poverty Action group shows that children who feel unequal to their peers are more likely to have a mental health problem by age 11 and achieve lower grades in their GCSEs. The work we do ensures that children and young people arrive at school fully prepared for their education, with the right uniform, sports kit and equipment - giving them the best chance of a happy and successful education. It also takes the pressure off parents who are doing their best to make ends meet. 

Click here to read about First Days's campaign to make school uniforms more affordable for everyone.

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