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“2020km run this year. Very nearly £10k raised for First Days. Children have slept in their own bed for the first time this year because of that.

I’m not a natural runner and this year has been tough (duh!). But I set myself a challenge and I did it. 215 runs!!!

Huge thank you to my special people who have supported me this year. Special shout out to my brother Alex for running (well, fast walking for him) many, many miles with me. And to Barnes Fitness for the finish line and the support throughout the whole year especially with the DON’T BE SHIT cheering on (also the name of my running playlist).


RUN 2020 #FDRun2020

Emma Cantrell, First Days founder, is running 2020 kilometres in 2020 to enable us to help thousands more children living in poverty

We would like one thing for the future of the charity: to close the doors for good, unable to find anyone who needs our help. 


However, whilst there are 4.5 million children in the UK living in poverty, there is very little chance of our wishes coming true. In fact, we need to be able to expand our service in order to help all the families who need it. 

So, Emma has taken on this huge challenge, to raise over £20,000, to be able to launch a service that will help children across the country. 

Get involved today! Run with Emma, sponsor the challenge or take on a challenge of your own!

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