Professionals working with families

 Our current service:

If the family you are supporting lives in Wokingham Borough the quickest way for them to access support is via our Mobile Support Hubs - please direct them there in the first instance. 

Single beds and mattresses: We can only provide these to families living in Wokingham Borough at this time, due to funding restrictions. 

School Uniform: All School Uniform is now only available via our Mobile Support Hubs, in Wokingham and Reading, unless there is an emergency where a child needs uniform due to a sudden change of circumstances. In this instance please complete a referral form. 

All other item requests will be considered on a case by case basis and we ask that you only request items when there is a real crisis or emergency. 

Prioritisation via geography: We will be prioritising requests for support for families in Wokingham, Bracknell and Reading as these are the closest areas to us for deliveries. Please consider using a service that is closer to you in the first instance, such as Home-Start West Berkshire Baby Bank and The Baby Bank (based in Maidenhead). 

Please only use the secure form below if you are a professional working with children. With the exception of beds and mattresses, we cannot make any deliveries at this time. 


Please submit one form per family. If there are multiple children within the family requiring support then please complete the ‘Items Required per Child’ section for each child.  You do this by clicking the ‘Add Another Child’ link towards the bottom of the form.

You will receive an email confirmation once your form has been successfully submitted. This will include a unique reference number for your referral. Please respond to this email if you have any questions or need to update your referral.


If you experience any problems completing or submitting this form, please email or call 07733 062597 for assistance. 


If you receive an error message when trying to submit the form yet receive a confirmation email, please be assured that we have received your referral.  If you do not receive a confirmation email then please contact us.