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What happens if you are referred to the coaching service:


First of all we will call to say hi!


Then we will meet to see if we’re a good fit and tell you what we can offer - what coaching is and what it isn’t


If you like the sound of coaching we will offer you 6 sessions, usually every other week but this is flexible. These meetings will be face to face at the Elevate centre in Wokingham.


At the end of the 6 sessions we will ask you to fill in a simple questionnaire. 


If 6 sessions are not enough and you have more work to do we will talk about the option of more - our programme is flexible and as long as it is working for you and us, we will be happy to continue


If we feel that you would benefit from other services such as counselling or medical treatment we will help you find what you need but we cannot provide these services.

Is Coaching for you?

Coaching is ideal for people who...

  • Feel stuck in their circumstances

  • Feel their confidence is low

  • Want to work towards a specific goal

  • Can’t work out what they want from life

  • Would like to work out what sort of job they are suited to

  • Want to look forwards to the future

  • Don’t know what to do next


What we will do

We will HELP YOU to...

  • Identify your values, the things that are important to you

  • Work out your strengths and weaknesses

  • Help you to make an achievable and clear plan to work towards your goals

  • Regularly review your progress and amend the plan as necessary

  • Gain confidence in your own abilities and talents

  • Identify factors and behaviours that hinder your progress and how to overcome them

Image by Jeremy Bishop

What we will NOT do

We will not...

  • Give advice

  • Give counselling or consultations

  • Try to resolve emotional or psychological problems

  • Work on relationship issues or give family therapy

  • Diagnose physical or mental health issues

  • Tell you what to do

  • Judge you

  • Impose our own beliefs or values on you

  • Talk about you to others or betray your confidence

Image by Tim Goedhart
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