What is the First Days 500 Collective? 


The First Days 500 Collective has been set up to bring together like-minded donors who are committed to making a big positive difference to local children living in poverty. 


We can make a bigger impact working together so it has been designed for supporters of First Days who can give a minimum amount of £500 or more annually to facilitate our vital work.


A bigger donation can truly make change for First Days.


First Days were able to help 5500 children in 2020.
We could do so much more with long term funds in place.



All our work endeavors to restore choice, dignity and autonomy to parents over what they provide for their children.

We believe that prevention of poverty, inequality and destitution is far better than treating the problem once it is established. To that end, we are developing new services to offer more meaningful and relational support to families in poverty so that they can develop the resilience and sustainability to not need our support in the future.


We're asking for you to be part of something bigger than any one of us to really make a direct difference to children’s lives. 


We can all recognise our privilege and use it by joining our collective to help others.


We will work together to end child poverty in the UK.


From our CEO:


For a long time I’ve been walking alongside people who have been dealt
a rubbish hand.

Human beings who have had decisions, choice and power taken from them
by the people and institutions that should be doing the opposite.
Human beings who are working hard, just to survive.

I have, at some times, been that person. I have been penniless and powerless, lonely and desperate. Searching for a change. Working hard and barely surviving. But, and here is the crucial difference, I am lucky.

By luck of birth, my privilege means that I have found ways out. I have been given ways out. I have been afforded choices, have had my dignity restored and power handed back to me. Privilege that I have not earned has given me a way out.

That is what every single human being deserves.

To quote Aneurin Bevan: "The purpose of getting power is to be able to give it away."

You can join our community and make a generous donation here, or by cheque, direct debit/standing order or credit card. Please register your interest by email to fundraising@firstdays.net

As a member of the First Days 500 Collective you will receive:


  • ​Invitations to our warehouse to see first hand, the work we do

  • Invitations to events where you will have the chance to meet members of the organisation’s executive team, fellow First Days 500 Collective members and some of those who are supporting the fight against child poverty

  • Subscription to First Days Annual Data Report and community newsletters with updates on the work your donations have helped to fund

  • Invitations to give workshops where you can share your expertise and discover other ways you can help the organisation, or the families we support

  • Acknowledgement in First Days’ annual impact report (although you may give anonymously if you prefer)

  • A personal contact at First Days who will keep you up to date with all the exciting ways your money is helping people and changing lives.