RUN 2020 - FAQs

How will we know you’ve run all the kilometres?

I will be tracking every single mile I run on Strava - you are more than welcome to follow my progress on there. Also, I will update this website, at least weekly, with a blog post about my progress and will update the kilometre tracker on this website at the same time so you can track my progress. There are also rumours of a progress podcast/vlog ... watch this space!

What happens if you get injured and can’t run?

Everything in the world crossed that this won’t happen - obviously - but should an injury arise, I will rest for the time recommended by a professional and then pick up the challenge again; it will just make it even more challenging to complete it in the time!

How on earth will you fit it all in? (this one is mostly asked by my Mum)

I will be taking part in loads of organised events, I run with a running club and will be running everywhere I can to build up the kilometres! I have two young children and work full time so it really will be a challenge, but I am determined to raise as much money as I can so we can continue to help so many more children living in poverty.

Can I run with you?

Yes! Send me an email - - and we will arrange a time. I’d love to come to an event, visit you at a parkrun or just go for a run together!

Also follow our dedicated page on Facebook, our Instagram (@emma_cantrell and @FirstDays_) and Twitter (@emmacantrell_ @FirstDays_) to be kept up to date.

How much do you love running?

I am not a natural runner. I did my first ever 10k in January 2019, having made huge changes to my lifestyle and finding that running had a seriously positive effect on my mental (and physical) health. I do like running now (!) but, the prospect of 2020 kilometres (including the London Marathon) is incredibly daunting. It will take a LOT of self sacrifice (and stretching). It is SIX TIMES more KM than I have run in the last year. 

What are you raising money for?

There is loads of information on this website - here,  but as a reminder, here are the headlines:

There are 4.5 million children living in poverty in the UK. 45,000 of those are in East Berkshire (where First Days currently operates).

I started First Days in 2013, having worked in deprived communities in London and then moving out to leafy Berkshire. I was shocked to learn about the families who were really struggling - and by the inequality children were experiencing (children who experience a feeling of inequality are less likely to achieve the same as their peers at school. That feeling of ‘less than’ is carried on through education into adult life.

Since 2013 we have helped over 10,000 children by providing beds, buggies, school uniforms, clothes, toys and a whole host of other things in between.

We have seen the demand for the service at First Days rise by 65% in the last 12 months.


We have found a way to help more families and create a service that not only helps families at a point of crisis but has a long term effect on children’s lives, hopes and aspirations.

In order to launch a national project we need funding - to pay our staff, our rent and other associated costs. We keep costs low, but it’s not free. I want to raise as much as possible in 2020 to give our funding a real boost, so we can launch our new service and start to help children nationwide.

If you have anymore questions, comments, offers of support or want to run with me please, please get in touch. I really look forward to working with you over the next year to achieve this challenge. / 07595 035528