RUN 2020 - But Why?

Emma Cantrell, founder of First Days Children’s Charity, would like one thing for the future of the charity: to close the doors for good, unable to find anyone who needs our help. 


However, whilst there are 4.5 million children in the UK living in poverty, there is very little chance of her wishes coming true. In fact, we need to be able to expand our service in order to help all the families who need it. 

First Days has helped over 10,000 children since it started - from Emma's house - in 2013. We now have a warehouse, staff and huge numbers of volunteers - but it's not enough. 

You can read more about who we are, what we do and how we do it here. 

Emma says: 

"The number of families needing our help has increased dramatically in the last year - by over 65%, resulting in us giving out nearly 40 tonnes of stuff. We are now in the position where we need to make some big and brave changes to how we deliver our service in order to help more families."


"We know that the help we give has a long term effect on families - this what really drives me - not only are we helping families at a time of crisis, offering kindness and hope when parents feel hopeless and fearful, but we are helping to reduce inequality. The effect of inequality on children is devastating - according to research from the Child Poverty Action Group, children who grow up in poverty experience low self esteem, will achieve less at school and in work and will ultimately have shorter lives than their peers. We reduce this inequality by providing children with the things they need materially to be equal to their peers". 

We now need to raise the funds required to kick start this new project - which will enable us to help families across the UK - I really hope you'll get involved. 

If you have any more questions, please visit our FAQ page, or drop me an email: 

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